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来源:化学科学与工程学院  发表时间:12/13/2017 阅读次数:1518

报告题目:Mass Spectrometric Study of Electrochemistry and Organometallic Chemistry
报 告 人:陈浩教授,Ohio University (USA)




Electrochemistry coupled with mass spectrometry (EC/MS) is a powerful means for identifying the products or intermediates of electrochemical reactions, which is not only useful for redox reaction mechanism elucidation but also leads to many valuable bioanalytical applications. The versatility of EC/MS stems from two facts. First, MS can serve as a sensitive and general detector for electrochemical cells and can provide molecular weight information about an analyte of interest. In addition, tandem MS analysis can be used for structural determination based on ion dissociation. Second, electrochemical conversion can improve analyte ionization or provide desired modification to the analyte prior to MS analysis. Attracted by the complementary nature of these two techniques, the marriage of EC and MS appears perfect and appealing. In this talk, I will focus on the development of electrochemical mass spectrometry using ambient ionization methods such as desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) and its applications for proteomics study. The study of organometallic reaction mechanism using mass spectrometry will also be presented.


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