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时间:2017年04月25日 (星期二)下午 18:30

地点:同济大学四平路校区 北楼301

主讲人:Otthein Herzog 教授

主持人:吴志强 教授


      Otthein Herzog教授是信息技术的世界顶尖专家,为GI德国计算机协会会员、美国计算机协会会员、德国工程科学院院士,也是诸多德国研究机构和企业的理事会成员,其研究领域包括:应用与工作和健康医疗的可穿戴计算机、工业4.0及物流4.0的多智能体系统知识应用、智慧城市信息技术、影音的语义学分析等。ICT as an Enabler for Intelligent City Development - Perspectives from Germany and China.

      Prof. Otthein Herzog is one of the top international experts in information technology. He is a Fellow of GI, the German National Computer Society, member of the ACM, and Fellow of acatech-German National Academy of Science and Engineerin and also serves on various board of German research institutions and enterprises. He devoted himself to research on Wearable Computing for work processes and health application, Knowledge Application for Multi-Agent Systems for Industry and Logistics 4.0, ICT for Smart Cities, and the semantic analysis of images and videos.


Intelligent Transportation Logistics

      Transportation Logistics in the "Jack Ma" Society has become a major issue in the inner cities: this problem popped up now but exists already since a long time: how can supply logistics be handled in cities such that, e.g., the number of trucks, the number of stops, and truck capacity can be optimized in order to save money, to avoid environmental damage through CO2 and NOx emissions, and to avoid to cause traffic jams.

      It is a very difficult mathematical problem in the first place, if one wants to compute an optimal solution, but there are new developments which allow for near-optimal solutions of real-world transportation problems through heuristics and also anytime solutions. Theses solutions are based on Artificial Intelligence methods using Multi-Agent Systems where autonomous agents negotiate among themselves in order to complete their tasks in the best possible way.

      The lecture outlines the problems, hints at the underlying mathematical structures, and concentrates on a practical solution which will be demonstrated by examples.




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